Custom Domain

To use a custom domain such as * ( instead of *

  1. Go to the WordPress Dashboard
  2. Go to Tools -> Domain Mapping
  3. Add your custom domain
    • If you want this to be your primary domain (e.g. the one users see in the address bar) then check the “primary domain” checkbox.
    • If the new domain has not been pointed to your * domain then you will want to do that before checking the “primary domain” checkbox.  You can change the primary domain at a later date from the “Domain Mapping” page.
  4. Be sure that a security certificate is procured and installed for the primary ( domain. Ideally this would happen one week before you wanted your primary domain to be live. There are instructions in the admin under Tools -> SSL Certificates.

Domain DNS Configuration

In order to point your domain at our hosting environment you will need to do one of the following.  The first option is the preferred method as if the hosting environment needs to be moved there will be no change required to the DNS for your site.

  • CNAME your domain to (preferred method)
  • Set your domains:
    • A record to
    • AAAA record to 2600:3c00::f03c:91ff:fe6e:bbb8 (this is for IPv6 support)